We support our clients

with accountancy


The financial statements represent the financial account of your business activities and are a key source of information for you and your bank. In addition, the financial statements serve as the basis of your tax returns. Depending on your requirements and statutory obligations, we see to the compilation, review and audit of your financial statements. In addition, our services also encompass other assurance services.


If required, we can take care of your accounting. Our focus is on entrepreneurs and on increasing their financial efficiency. We use software developed in house as a tool to enable all entrepreneurs to structure administrative changes and transactions on their own in an easy and efficient manner. We import these changes and transactions on a periodic basis via the Internet into a professional financial package.

Annual reporting

Businesses must contend with laws and regulations governing external annual reporting, including Title 9 of Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW2 Titel 9), IFRS and Dutch annual reporting guidelines. We can assist you with the compilation of your financial statements (in accordance with IFRS or Dutch guidelines), consolidations and reporting issues. Due to the limitations imposed by laws and regulations on the services of company auditors, businesses cannot always turn to them with their questions. We are ready to support you in such cases.


Our employees have years of experience in accountancy and consultancy. If required, we can also assist you in preparing estimates and liquidity forecasts. We can also provide consultancy services as part of the sale or acquisition of a company and the due diligence investigation to be performed.

Internationally operating companies

We assist several internationally operating companies in preparing financial statements (in accordance with both IFRS and Title 9 of Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW2 Titel 9)) and complex consolidations and in analysing reporting issues. Companies subject to a statutory audit in particular are unable to call on company auditors for the compilation of internal financial statements, or for assistance and advice, because of the limitations imposed on their services by laws and regulations. Our employees, extensively experienced in the practices of international accounting, can be of assistance to you.

As a member of the i2an international alliance of accounting firms, we can provide assistance from within our own network if your company has offices or activities abroad.